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Divination By Spinning in Circles

Lavender Brown
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Having been invited to help restore Hogwarts, my life has changed quite dramatically.

I met Charlie Weasley quite by chance at the hotel Hekate's Lair. Our relationship progressed quite quickly and we moved in together at the hotel and even got tattoos.

We decided that we would move in together while, erm, preparing for Narcissa Malfoy's Midsummer Ball, and eventually found a lovely little flat that was just perfect for the two of us. It needed a bit of renovating, though, and while we were working on the flat one day, Charlie proposed! (Of course, I said 'yes'.)

We decided to celebrate by going off to Turkey for a week's holiday, although we kind of let our parents think we had eloped.

Just before Christmas, we found out that we were going to have a baby, although the scariest thing about that was telling our parents.

Despite quite a bit of morning sickness, everything went smoothly right up until a couple of months before the baby was due. Finally, Rose Bethany Weasley came into the world, a little bit early and a little bit small, but absolutely perfect.

Not long after we had Rosie, we got an owl from Narcissa Malfoy, telling us that a painting she had sent us was actually a Portkey: we had a new house.

Plans for our wedding then got into full swing which, of course involved my hen night (and a rather drunken seduction afterwards) and Charlie's stag do.

The wedding was beautiful, but I might be a little biased. We snuck off for a little private time after the ceremony, but later rejoined our guests.

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